Laser Cutting

Our laser-cutting department offers 24-hour turn-around service*. We specialise in the cutting of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium to the highest precision, as a result of our sophisticated laser cutting technology. We are able to cut items to micro sizes or components measuring up to 6m in length.* Terms and conditions apply.


Our guillotining facility is capable of shearing Carbon Steel up to 12mm and Stainless Steel plate up to 8mm in thickness, over 3m in length.


JP Engineering offers four different CNC press brakes, on the production floor, ranging from 35 tons to 320 tons. We form all types of materials ranging from Carbon Steel to the more hardened steels, such as Armour plate.


We offer a rolling facility with a plate capacity of 12mm, over 3m length. We are able to roll thin gauge material components to a minimum diameter of 110mm. Rolled items can be tack welded or fully welded, upon customer request.


Our welders are trained and coded by the South African Institute of Welding (SAIW), of which we are a proud member. Our welders exhibit the highest of skills proficiency in TIG, MIG, Stick and Spot welding relative to customer project specifications.


We offer a wide range of machining facilities and services such as milling, turning and drilling. Our CNC machines allow us to manufacture components to the most critical tolerances ensuring our “Justified Precision”.


Our CNC Oxy-fuel cutters are able to cut materials exhibiting depth characteristics that range outside the thickness tolerances of our laser cutting technology.

Shot Blasting & Painting

Our manufactured components, as well as customer components are all shot blasted to Sa 2 ⅟2 prior to painting. Our work force is trained to carry out the most stringent quality checks throughout the various finishing processes. Wet film thickness as well as dry thickness testing is monitored using the most state-of-the-art measuring devices, ensuring that our work thoroughly meets all customer stipulated requirements.