Factory Floor Expansion Project

JP Engineering is thrilled to announce the commencement of a groundbreaking initiative aimed at expanding our factory floor and propelling our company to even greater heights. As of the first week of November 2023, we have successfully broken ground, and the project is progressing at an impressive pace. Stay tuned to this feed for regular updates on this dynamic and exciting venture. Your continued support is integral to our success, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.  

Week 16

In week 16, we've achieved significant progress. The brickwork on the east and west sides of the factory is advancing smoothly, and the excavation for the office block extensions is well underway. The foundation for our new press brake machine is complete. With the arrival of our roof sheeting, our team is diligently working to install the sheets to advance to the next phase. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Week 15

In week 15, the team continued with the structural steelwork for the overhead crane and the roof structure. The foundation for our new press brake machine is also nearing completion. To add to this, the brickwork has also begun. We are very excited to share the next phases of this project with you all. Stay tuned!

Week 14

We continued making good progress going into week 14. The installation of the structural steelwork continued from the north side moving southwards. This includes the installation of the girders to support the overhead crane as well as the support for the new roof. The floor slab for the new machine's foundation was also cast. We are making rapid progress. Stay tuned!

Week 13

Going into week 13, the team started with assembling the structural steel work for the roof. This will be followed by the rafters, purlins and sheeting as progress develops. The reinforcing steel for the foundation of our new machine also arrived and is being inserted to ensure maximum support for the new machine. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Week 12

With the arrival of the steel support columns, the next exciting phase of our project begins as we enter week 12! The team has been doing preparation work along the South gable wall for the parts of the foundation that were missing and needed to be added on. This will ensure increased reinforcement for the existing factory floor level and the new factory floor level. In preparation for the arrival of our new machine, the team had to trim the foundation in both directions to ensure that the foundation's dimensions are correct for a smooth installation. Exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned!

Week 11

In week 11, the team began levelling the floor by removing excess topsoil and other materials. This will tie in the bottom section with the top section. After trimming and levelling, the next step is compacting the area to give stable access for the crane to stand firmly when it is time for the steelwork to go up. The foundation for our brand-new press brake machine has also been dug up. Exciting times are ahead, stay tuned!

Week 10

In week 10, we made good progress. With our engineer's approval, we moved to the next exciting step; pouring concrete into the bases. We will progress rapidly over the next few weeks with this project. Stay tuned!

Week 9

Despite the heavy rains early in week 9, the team did not let this dampen their spirits. After draining the water from the trenches, the next phase is adding steel into the bases for reinforcement, followed by inserting the bolts that will provide additional support for the columns. After our engineer's approval, the concrete pouring will be the next phase. Stay tuned!

Week 8

Going into week 8, the team is busy with putting in rebar reinformcement to the bases that will be providing support for the structure. After all reinforcement has been placed and thoroughly checked, the next phase of construction will commence. Stay tuned!

Week 7

Going into week 7, the team started with setting out the buildings/gridlines. Excavation was started on the bases & footings for columns and the boundary wall. The structural steel design for the fabrication of the superstructure is also underway. The paving is also currently being set out for stormwater reticulation. Preparation for the surface bed levels.
Demolition & Rubble Removal

Week 6

Rubble removal continued for week 6. The team worked tirelessly to remove rubble from the site. Our project is moving steadily along. More updates are to follow in the coming weeks
Demolition & Rubble Removal

Week 5

With the entire roof structure safely removed, the team turned their attention to removing the concrete slab on the new factory floor and removing the remaining rubble on site. After this, the next phase of construction will begin.
Demolition & Roof Removal

Week 4

The team completed the removal of the roof structure and walls as per the project specifications. The factory floor was cleared of all unnecessary items and the drilling into the concrete floor of the factory began.
Demolition & Roof Removal

Week 3

The team continued with the removal of the roof structure. The 2 existing dwellings opposite the new factory were also torn down to make additional room. The roof tiles were also completely removed. The roof support structure tear-down also began in this week.
Demolition & Roof Removal

Week 2

The team continued with the removal of the roof structure. All items were removed from the existing dwellings that were located opposite the proposed new factory space.
Breaking Ground

Week 1

The tream got straight to work with the initial stages of removing the existing roof structure.